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Weeknotes 1: A Rare Lack of Sentimentality


  • We’re doing weeknotes now!

  • Except I’m not going to talk about work at all.

  • Couldn’t I just scribble these in a little notebook and keep them to myself? Sure! But I really enjoy following along with folks like Alice and Ian and Jessica and Simon and Tom each week. Maybe you’ll enjoy it too? No pressure.

  • I’ve been stalling on relaunching anything here for actual years and am so happy something is finally out there. I’ll eventually get around to the self-indulgent post about why I started posting here again, but for now, let’s just agree to let it be what it is and (keep our fingers crossed) that it’ll will get better over time.

  • I have a bad habit of treating any site or service with the ability to bookmark a thing as an opportunity to build another precious little queue of things I’ll never get around to. Taking advantage of a rare lack of sentimentality to delete without remorse. Still 1,500 things in my "Watch Later" playlist on YouTube, but I’ve gotten my Overcast down into the realm of "could possibly listen to these before the heat death of the universe."

  • I’m never really prepared for how quickly "a week or two into November" becomes the new year. Let’s see how startled I am this time next week.