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Weeknotes 4: The Good Old Days


  • Gray and rainy. Not quite winter, but definitely not fall.

  • Interacting with the medical establishment for a minor concern a.k.a. making a phone call to schedule a appointment to visit an office and request permission to make another phone call to schedule another appointment.

  • Advent of Code usually builds up to the point where a naive solution takes too long to run, but I can’t remember the last time it was already like that on Day 5. Brutal.

  • I’m still publishing this site manually: running the build on my laptop and syncing the output up to a server with Transmit. It’d eventually be nice to cut out a few steps and just be able to interact with the repository. I know a ton of the newer crop of hosts can watch a repo and publish every time there’s a change, but I’m strangely attached to this site living on a little shared server like the good old days. Will probably play around with GitHub Actions and see if I can rig something up myself.